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Born in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, when she was soon still young she went to live in Salvador, where she developed her musical roots. With great pride, Negalora, as it is also known, carries in its songs this Brazilian mix that enchants Brazil and the world. With concerts full of energy and axé, Claudinha never tires of innovating, mixing rhythms, and composing novelties, even though she is already considered one of the most important pop artists in Brazil. This creativity includes not only music, but also the themes of her concerts, choreographies, and costumes that contribute to the expansion of her artistic vein. There is no denying it. Claudinha is the bomb when the subject is joy, energy and Carnaval. Currently, she is working on her International projection begun in 2014 with the World Cup opening show, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. In this website you will learn a little more of the influences and news about this Brazilian star who brings joy and music to the heart of Brazilians.


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