Claudia Cristina Leite Inácio Pedreira was born on July 10th, 1980, in São Gonçalo, in the interior of the State of Rio de Janeiro. When she was still young, she moved with her family to Salvador. She grew up in the old Largo da Saúde and on its irregular cobblestone streets - as there she discovered her taste for music.
Although she was born in another state, Claudia considers herself a Baiana. That makes sense: Bahia is full of mysticism, art, culture, and music, and she established herself permanently with its flavor.


1983 – She went on Stage

Claudia Leitte's first time on stage was unforgettable - at least in the eyes of her parents. She slipped past security at age 3 and climbed on the stage of a steakhouse, taking advantage of the break taken by the singer who was presenting, and shouted in the microphone "Emilia, Emília, Emília ... " - the theme song from the Sítio do Pica-pau Amarelo children's TV show.


A Teenager discovers Music

As a girl, about 10 or 12 years old, little Claudia already knew she wanted to be a singer. Self-taught, she buys magazines with music scores and conquers he first guitar chords in what would be a story of eternal love.
Shortly thereafter, at age 13, she embraces her first chance and premieres as a backup vocalist for the singer-songwriter Nando Borges. Soon she would enroll in the college of Music, Law, and Communication, but her love of music would definitely speak louder, and Claudia would opt for the Music course, a specialization that she did not finish, because she graduated from the school of life. Her career begins to form through Banda Violeta, a forró band, where she takes the first professional steps on stage.

Career 2000 2011
The Dream takes Shape

Going back in time: in 2003, she began his career as a vocalist for Babado Novo, in Salvador. From then on she packs more than three million revelers each Carnaval, the biggest Brazilian popular party.
Her solo career began in 2008 with a grandiose project: her first album, Ao Vivo in Copacabana (Live at Copacabana), recorded and filmed for a DVD version on the renowned beach of Rio de Janeiro with over a million people and including several new hits: the album went gold and triple platinum and established Claudia as one of the biggest Brazilian stars. The sequel could not have been better, As Máscaras (The Masks), her next album in 2010, was nominated in for Best Contemporary Pop Album at the Latin Grammys. And in 2011, her hit "Locomotion Batucada" was presented and broadcast to 190 countries during the finals of the traditional Miss Universe contest, totaling two billion viewers.

2012 2014
New Styles

White hot in 2012, she released Negalora-Íntimo, which revealed a different musical style for Claudia - a moment that marks the transformation capacity of a performer and composer who does not stop reinventing herself, but without denying her origins: in 2014 she rescues her roots with Axemusic, paying homage to this rhythm that is part of her essence - also recorded live in a Brazilian stadium.
Also in 2014 she began the Sette project, revealing her multifaceted talents, and presented at the opening of the 2014 World Cup, singing "We are One", the official song of the event, with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. She proved that vibrancy and style is what she is about. Since 2012 she is a juror of the Brazilian version of the reality show The Voice Brasil, on Rede Globo, that has just closed its fifth season with Claudia as the only female representative and one of the most beloved on the little screen - just ass she is in music.


Claudia Leitte has been naturally evolving in her path of eclectic investments to prepare for her next album in 2017, in partnership with the American producer Roc Nation. The novelty won over Brazil - and, of course, the world: the MTV website in the United States, for example, listed 19 reasons that make Claudia Leitte a pop star.
It is worth mentioning that 2015 was another true locomotive in her history - she released the songs "Signs" - appreciated by Brazilians in Portuguese and English versions as the seventh and last song of the EP Sette project - and "Shiver Down my Spine" and "Corazón," with the participation of Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee.
"Corazón", released December 17, 2015, was defined by music critic Thales de Menezes, of the Folha de São Paulo newspaper, the largest printed newspaper in Latin America, as "a dancing whirlwind with a personality that allows a conversation between electronic beats, drums, and a cavaquinho". Even though it was sung in Spanish, it became one of the biggest hits of summer 2016, with a music video seen by more than 11 million people on Youtube.

2016 Current


"Taquitá", a sunny song with super feminine lyrics, is the Claudia Leitte's bet and the new song she is working on. Composed by Claudia with Tierry, Samir, and Breno Casagrande, the song was produced in Los Angeles, United States, and recorded in Bahia. It soon won over the social networks and the press when it was released exclusively on the Rolling Stone magazine portal in Brazil. Speaking of social networks, Claudia is also a phenomenon on the internet: she has more than 30 million followers when combining Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"Taquitá" follows Claudia Leitte's plan to invest in different beats. In addition, the singer is already preparing for Carnaval 2017, next February, which includes the brand new block Blow Out, on Friday the 24th, and the traditional Largadinho, on the 26th and 28th, Sunday and Tuesday, both in Salvador - as well as her concert on Saturday the 25th, in Muzambinho, Minas Gerais.
Besides the new video, keep watch: Claudia Leitte will soon have surprising news. Afterall, she is ready!

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