The Carnaval that Claudia Leitte is preparing for the revelers in 2017 will be more than special. The Bloco Largadinho promises to pack the revelers on Sunday and Tuesday of Carnaval (February 26th-28th), in the Barra-Ondina circuit. Owner of an undisputed swagger, Claudia Leitte will lead the Bloco and promises to get everybody jumping and dancing to shake up Carnaval in Bahia.

Launched in 2013, Claudia Leitte's Bloco Largadinho, was already a success the year it was launched and was quickly established as one of the largest and most profitable in Salvador. The success is such that, in all the editions, at least one day of the parade sold out of abadás, and the other days almost sold out.

Since then, the Largadinho brand, which emerged after the singer's resounding success in 2013 with the hit that bears the same name, had their brand extended to the main micaretas of the country, such as Fortal that happens every July in Fortaleza and Carnatal, an off-season Carnaval held in Natal in early December. At both, the Bloco was inaugurated in 2014.

Carnaval 2017/2018

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